Gekko Office: Amazing Stationery Films

Gekko Office is a brand of Vénilia Décor B.V. and represents a collection of stationery films, transparent and colored, both plain and structured, including some special films you won’t easily find somewhere else. A large part of our transparent film is delivered from stock which provides short delivery times. 

The Gekko Office Collection is an addition to the current product portfolio of Vénilia Décor B.V. For more information about our current product range, please visit our website:

If you would like to stay informed about the developments in our Gekko Office Collection, please fill in the contact form. Should you have immediate questions feel free to contact us through:

About Vénilia Décor

Vénilia Décor is part of a large industrial group known for being product-driven and one step ahead of the competition. We manufacture a wide range of self-adhesive and static decorative films and print media in our factory in the Netherlands. Our products all meet the necessary quality standards and we are leaders in product development, offering a range that is known to be the best in the market.